Death Notices

Below are names that will be included in the 2018-2019 Service of Remembrance


Bower, Harriett (05/09/18)                         Wilcox, Bill Berry (05/28/18)

Peterson, Ruth Ann (06/14/18)                  Payne, Larry (06/17/18)

McNeil, Richard (06/18/18)                        Gary, Danny L. (06/23/18)

Myers, John (06/09/18)                              Bill B. Reneau (06/29/18)

Hartung, Mary (07/12/18)                           Linda Grant Rose (07/16/18)

Dukes, Alberta (07/31/18)                          Butross, Peter "Pete" (08/01/18)

Linden, Kenneth (08/05/18)                        Aguilar, Maria Jesus Ramires (08/06/18)

Jack Truman Fuqua (09/7/18                      William Major Greene (09/9/18)

Elizabeth Marie Hendrix (09/15/18)

Memorial Form

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